Sunday, June 10, 2007


Two massive pin oak trees are being removed from their curbside place in front of my ranch style home. Cleaning up the acorns and leaves has become too expensive. The pin oaks hold their dead leaves during winter only releasing them now and then to be sure your lawn looks a mess. The acorns are a hazard underfoot. The sidewalk is broken and heaved up by roots which are heading for the cement slab my house rests on.

The trees are over 100 feet tall and if my arms worked I could touch my own fingers if two of me were hugging the same tree. But obviously I am no tree hugger. I have nagged City Hall relentlessly to get rid of these trees. Yesterday three fellows cut branches and chipped up the wood. Men in trees. Turn off the television.


At 9:36 AM , Blogger ~~Silk said...

Hey, Lady, haven't "heard" from you in a while, beyond an occasional reference in your daughter's blog. I hope you're getting along ok.

I was looking through some old posts and found a comment you had made in my blog on September 30, 2006. "Queen_Mum said...
start dating men without checking their birth certificates and you may be surprised at how interesting things will get."

I am now dating a 47-year-old. Yup. It's interesting.


p.s. - I moved. I'm now at

At 2:28 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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