Friday, May 04, 2007

Reach Out and Spill Something

The microwave sat in the corner of the counter for 30 years. Recently I found it difficult to lift food up the four inch lip of the appliance and onto the glass turntable. I was mulling over solutions to this problem when my beautician/friend Sherry suggested placing it on a lower surface.

In a second she whipped it over to a serving cabinet and swept up the debris that was behind it at its old spot. I spent the next day trying to get used to the change.

If it stays with its back to the wall it is awkward to open. But the server top is heat resistant so the hot dish has a landing space. At right angles it is easier to access but the UGLY back and cord is exposed to the entire room. And the front has no ledge as the micro is an exact fit. Without a ledge for a landing spot my hope of avoiding a boiling spill catastrophe is doomed.

I do have a large acrylic tray that could go under it and extend out. I'll try this today. If it works then I need to dig out the book to see if covering the microwave back with a camouflaging dishtowel would cause it to explode. In the meantime nutritional drinks and bars constitute my meals.

It seems like for every solution there is a new problem. That may be why husbands and cats resist change.


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