Monday, May 14, 2007

Downhill Slope

This has been a downhill year. I just called to find out the status of my "Mobile Arm Support With Elevation Assist" and it appears Amanda O.T. no longer works at the hospital who authorized my need for it December 26,2006. Like she dropped the ball. So someone from there is looking in the missing ball box to see if they can get me back in the game.

When Queen was here yesterday she devised food I can snag with my left index finger and get to my mouth. Turkey chunks, cheese chunks and cherry tomatoes. I'm going to show the only existing picture of my left hand because I always hid it because it was lame. This picture was 10 years ago. Cute huh?

Anyway, this left arm has a working elbow muscle and an index finger that can't open but mostly clamps shut like a lobster claw. So everything I eat has to be snag-worthy. My staple edibles of chili, cereal and oatmeal surprise me by not falling into the snag-worthy category. They require endless scooping, raising and lifting by right hand. Too much work most mornings.

I haven't eaten Cheetos corn-puffs in years but opened a big can last night and adroitly nabbed half the can. For someone who has eschewed fast food for years this may turn into a slippery slope.


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