Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My "spells" have ceased. Many doctors were consulted and Neurontin dosage tinkered with until a week ago when I decided spells were not as bad as drug dizziness. Whatever was pinching adorable little wristy nerve endings tapered off and stopped. My lame left hand no longer does the fandango. It just hangs off the frail arm like a spent dancer. Trembly and shy.

This month began physical therapy involving myofaschia pressure. The therapist is of course on the opposite side of town. Sue drives me. The therapist started out slowly but yesterday she launched an attack on arm muscles that had not moved since 1949. Most therapists are not interested in atrophied sinews but this gal dotes on them. She longs to train the Queen Daughter to do them. Today I rested. Tomorrow more pushing and stretching. She seems to be trying to teach the arms the Boogaloo.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Both arms stopped working this month. Usually Lefty drags Righty over to whatever needs gripping. Once it is at the spot desired, magic happens. Plastic is plopped into the micro and food zapped. Nowadays lifting the arm and container up four inches is beyond Lefty. Could the plastic Lifeline alarm on my wrist be weighing him down? No.

On a happier note I got the results of my physical back and the fasting blood work showed no diabetes. Sue just placed 16 variety drumsticks in my freezer. If Lefty or Righty let me down I might be able to snag one with the Grab Stick. Then 15 minutes hacking through the plastic and bob'syouruncle!

I am reading MS blogs and found one where the writer was lame on her right side and fell, breaking her left wrist. Her description of the fall just cheered me up tremendously. Her fall was caused by a kitten. When I broke my right upper arm,elbow and wrist it was caused by a puppy. But my account 10 years ago would not have cheered others up.

I think if God has a chance to do it over he should build his humans with pop up gauges like Honeysuckle turkeys. That way you would know when you were done.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I will now share my technique for melting pounds off old frames.

Step 1: Make your right arm hang limply by your side.
Step 2: Make your left hand dangle limply from your wrist.
Step 3: Have your new doctor schedule a blood test where you fast 12 hours before the test.

Because I knew this test was coming I started eating oatmeal for breakfast most mornings beginning Feb.1. Then late afternoon a frozen nutritious dinner prepared by Sue. Evenings a tangerine or Granny Smith apple, cheese, with chocolate graham cracker. Because the Helping Agency kept coming in and out I didn't have a lot of time to think about food and even if I did it was just too much work to shovel it in my mouth.

So when I weighed in on March 2, I was 128 pounds. Very pleased about that. Test results come later.
When I got home i ate:
Pat's vanilla bean cherry tea cake
3 Russell Stover chocolates
Bacon and biscuits
Stew and biscuits

Shoveling it in my mouth didn't seem as onerous.